Cool Drum Gear: Ipod Stand For Drums

Cool Ipod Holder For Drums

The modern drummer often finds him or herself needing to incorporate the use of an iPod when playing.

Whether using it as a click track for your practice regiment, or playing click or backing tracks in a live setting, the iPod has worked its way into the drumming arena as a vital piece of gear.

This video is a quick example of one of the best iPod mounts for drummers to insure you are not trying to reach the floor in between songs or watch your iPod slowly vibrate off your case in the middle of a song.

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  1. Skip

    I could use a rig like that. Thanks for the tip.

  2. You got it. Keep checking in cuz their will me more videos on cool stuff I find as I find it.


  3. John Richards

    Like your programmes and like the Ipod holder…but would be great to see you use it in action with playalong?

  4. John,
    Thanks for the kind words. I am always looking for new ideas for video lessons. I just might have to make one for this! Thanks again. Talk to you soon.

  5. casey

    Hey Chris, where did you buy this and how much is it? I looked for it on Musician’s Friend and GuitarCenter but neither one carries it. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Hey there Casey,

    I have found it anywhere from $55 to $70. I bought mine here…

    Let me know how it goes! Talk to you soon.

  7. Gail

    Drummers can have access to all the latest technology, within arms reach (practical)…

  8. You said it Gail. In the world of technology this is actually on the low end of the tech. spectrum. It gets really interesting when you start incorporating laptops, electronic drum pads, loop tracks, pre-recorded backing tracks, etc. It is all a lot of fun but just like anything else, it just takes some practice and getting used to how it all jives together.

  9. Paul H.

    Hi Chris I found a cheaper way by using a ipod holder for a bicycle. A drum hardware stand and handle bar are about the same diameter. And the cost was only about 6 dollars including shipping. Here is what you search for on EBAY : For iPod Touch iTouch 4 4G 4th Black Bike Bicycle Handlebar Mount Holder Cradle
    Take care and keep up the great work !!

  10. Derrick Reefer

    What type of ear phones do you use or suggest, so I can lesson and play / practice? I need a longer cord so as to plug into my laptop. Thanks

  11. Hey there Derrick,

    I use the Sure E5’s. They are a bit pricy but they are top of the line full fledged in ear monitors. They have an 1/8th inch jack so they fit in an iPod/iPad/iPhone as well as laptops. You do not need to go all out on the budget but the key thing to remember is to get ear buds or head phones that isolate the music. What I mean is get something that seals of your whole ear or at least the ear canal. If you were to just use the buds that come with an iPod, the minute use started playing all you would hear is your live drums and it would completely drown out the music coming from the player.

    Hope this helps, and I will talk to you soon!