Choosing The Right Kick Drum Mic

Choosing the right kick drum mic is a very important part of recording drums.

This post is dedicated to the type of drummer interested in recording drums, as it is an art form just as vital as drumming is for any professional recording. I’ve recorded in many different scenarios over my career, and tuned a lot of drums to make sure they sound great for sessions, but the sound engineer has a big part to play when it comes to choosing the right microphones for each scenario. Now, I’m not going to go over mics for all the different parts of a drum set, but one of the most important mics for a kit is the kick drum mic. I found a great video from Jesse Gimbel of The Basement where he shares samples from several of the more popular kick drum mic available today. This is the kind of research that recording engineers and recording drummers find very interesting, so if you count yourself as one of those, or want to, then this video is for you.

Jesse Gimbel of The Basement was very generous to create this video, sharing samples of several of the more popular kick drum mics available on the market today. Check out his video at

I hope you enjoyed and learned from this video. Jesse was very generous to share this with drummers and recording engineers all around the world, so take it to heart. There’s more coming your way at Play Drums By Ear, so stay tuned.



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