Eric Hernandez: Drummer For One Of The Most Popular Male Artists Today, Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars (pictured above) has become one of the most popular male artists in showbiz. Eric Hernandez holds down the drums for all his live shows. Photo courtesy of

Currently I’m gearing up for a summer full of more popular music with Yardsale the Band. We play hits from all the decades and one of the better songs to come out in the last year or two was Bruno Mars’ hit “Runaway Baby.” I don’t know if you’re familiar with the tune, but it’s definitely exciting to play and a bit refreshing to hear a young pop artist come out with a song with so much classic soul. Well the man behind the kit laying down the beat for “Runaway Baby,” and all of the other hit songs coming out of Bruno, is Eric Hernandez. He’s a pretty rockin’ drummer that can definitely hang with the up-tempo and groovy stuff the band’s putting out. I came across a live performance from the band showcasing Eric’s drumming and an article where Eric talks about his touring kit. I hope you dig it all as much as I did!

Here’s the live performance from Bruno, Eric and the rest of the band on the X Factor. As you’ll be able to see, they definitely put on a great live show. Check it out at

Also, here’s the article, complete with pictures, where Eric Hernandez talks about growing up in the music business and his touring drum kit. Enjoy the full article at

Bruno’s is a very high-energy band, live…

“This is not your typical artist backed by the hired guns. In all honesty, if it was that, where I was in the dark background, I would be okay with that because I’m playing drums and I love that. On the plus side, Bruno is a showman and that means putting on a show, including his band.

“When he was looking for his horn section, he wanted guys that can dance. He didn’t want horn players that just stand there reading charts. The bass player and guitar player are up front with him and I’m right behind.

“We’re all fortunate. We have an artist who doesn’t want to just be in the limelight himself. He wants to bring his boys with him, which is really cool. You hardly see that. It’s bringing that old fashioned, live music thing back. You’re seeing a show. You’re seeing real musicians do their thing.

Check out the whole article for pictures and even more information on drumming with Eric Hernandez. There’s more coming your way at Play Drums By Ear, so stay tuned.



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