How To Be A Disciplined Drummer

Dante Roberson shares some of this own experiences as a professional drummer. Photo courtesy of

As you can probably tell,  I was in a mood to find videos that featured professional drummers sharing information recently.  I came across a video from Dante Roberson, session drummer and has appeared on many of the top R&B artists in the music industry, where he talks about how to be a more disciplined drummer.  That was a title that I hadn’t seen yet in all my searching for blog post content.  Dante discusses his experiences in the recording studio as a drummer and how he had to learn to play to a metronome, or click track.  Then he also speaks about playing the drums to suit the song, which is important for all drummers to know.  I hope you enjoy this conversation with Dante Roberson.

Dante Roberson was filmed at a drum workshop sharing his own experiences as a professional drummer.  Check out what he has to say at

There’s a lot of great information in that video for all drummers to take to heart.  Dante speaks from experience and we should be thankful that drummers are willing to share information like this with all of us.



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