How To Be A Better Drummer

Being a professional drummer means contributing to the song.

There’s a whole lot of insight from professional drummers willing to share their experiences.  One of the most common topics discussed by drummers around the world is how to be a better drummer.  I found a video taken from a drum workshop featuring Liberty DeVito,known mainly as the drummer for Billy Joel.  DeVito talk about how to play the drums musically and as a part of the song.  His advice is important to anyone hoping to pursue a career in the music industry since the attitude he mentions is very important to have as a professional drummer.  Check out what he has to say below.

Liberty DeVito has built a successful career as a professional drummer for Billy Joel and as a session drummer.  You can learn from his experience at

Liberty DeVito focuses on the attitude of a top notch professional drummer, and I encourage you to adopt it into your own attitude if you’re interested in drumming as a career.  I hope you enjoyed the video!



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  1. david

    liberty made his point. It is the song. As a drummer with a band, I have learn this point more and more. A drummer has to aware of how a song flows and respond to that flow.
    Liberty proved his point.

    Defintely worth noting!

  2. Barry Kastenbaum

    Liberty is a great drummer and right on, and his presentation is entertaining.

    Steve Gadd ( If your loud and busy right away. There’s no place to go).