Groove Lessons From The Great Drummer, Dennis Chambers

Dennis Chambers talks about some of his popular drum licks and influences.

So I know I just wrote about Dennis Chambers in a recent post, but I came across a few videos that feature Chambers as an instructor.  I found two videos where Chambers talks about some of the licks he uses on the drums and his influences.  Then I also found a video where he plays a killer groove with a bassist that is sure to impress and please.  I hope you don’t mind reading a little more into one of the great drummers to contribute to jazz, fusion, funk and R&B.  Enjoy!

The first video I found features an explanation of some of Chambers’ fancy footwork on the bass drum.  He talks about triplet bass grooves, where he learned them from, and how he has put his own twist on it.  Check it out here at

The next video features Chambers talking about the fatback groove on the drums.  It’s a short video, but he makes a really cool point about usign the hi-hats as a pulse for the rest of the groove.  Check it out at

And the last video I found is more of a performance than a lesson.  Chambers lays down a thick groove with a bass player called “Funkadellic.”  It was too awesome not to share.  Check it out at

Dennis Chambers is a great influence for any drummer due to his versatility behind the kit and is openness to all sorts of drummers and music styles.  I hope you enjoyed learning from the great Dennis Chambers.



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