Correct Bass Drum Pedal Technique

Perfect different bass drumming techniques to be a more versatile drummer!

I’ve had several questions about correct bass drum pedal technique from my students, so I thought I would write up a quick post that should help those of you interested in some help.  I found a few videos online that feature different bass drum pedal techniques, including single and double pedals, that should help out.  Like your hands, it takes time and practice to get your feet in shape for the bass drum.  I hope you enjoy the videos and that they provide some of the information you are looking for!

The first video features basic bass drum heel down pedal technique.  The video is pretty funny too, so I think it’s a great introduction.  Check it out at

The next video features a good explanation of heel toe bass drum technique.  It even gets into double strokes as well.  Find the video at

The last video was made by a professional L.A. drummer that showcases his bass drum pedal technique.  He mainly uses the heel up technique and stays on his toes mostly.  Check out his video at

I would encourage you to spend time practicing all of the bass drum techniques to not only find what your strengths are, but also since these techniques are used by players in different styles of music.  While a heel up technique might be great for metal playing, it may not be the best technique for jazz music. That’s just one example though, so practice these techniques and your bass drumming will shoot through the roof!



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  1. Gail Stringer

    If one does heel toe technique, sometimes pedal is too short, so one can move toes out on angle to the right and then strike with heel.

  2. Chris,

    Excellent presentation of something that every drummer needs to know.


  3. Joe Loes

    Thank you Chris love the all the videos!

  4. Aldo

    very informative! thank you for the videos. now i’m off to practice these bass drum techniques. thanks again, chris.