The Money Beat According To Rolling Stones Drummer, Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts has had a successful career as the drummer for the Rolling Stones for over 50 years. Photo courtesy of

The Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts, has had a successful career as a drummer for over fifty years.  In the rock music world, Watts has mastered the Money Beat to lay the foundation under so many hit songs from the Rolling Stones.  What most people don’t realize though, is Watts spends most of his free time from the Stones playing jazz.  Regardless of the style of music, Watts is proficient at building the foundation on the drums for bands to play on top of.  I threw together a few videos that feature interviews with Watts and some video performances.  I hope you enjoy!

I’d like to start off with a great interview with Charlie Watts about his own musical journey.  Check it out at

Next, Charlie talks a little about the drums he uses.  As you’ll see in the video, he is a big Gretsch drum fan.  Check it out at

The last video I will leave you with features Charlie Watts up close and personal behind the drum kit.  Watts lays down the beat so well for the rest of the song.  Check it out at

Charlie Watts is a great example of a drummer that understands the importance of the beat.  Watts proved this by his involvement with the Rolling Stones.  That band has survived for more than fifty years with Watts behind the set.  I hope you enjoyed the post, because I had a great time writing it for you.



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  1. tom dawson

    Enjoyed this very much.Reminds me of me.I’m 76 years old and the only training I’ve had is playing drums by ear,which I’d tell anybody about it.Good luck in the years to come.

    Tom D.

  2. Gerry

    Chris, thanks again for a great series of vids of Charlie Watts. A surprisingly humble man considering all that his band has done. I never knew Charlie was into jazz. Learn something every day.

  3. Rick Starnes

    He gets it! Thanks for the videos!

  4. dave

    great to see some of the older drummers still enjoying their passsion!!!

    neat stuff,
    your tutorials have helped grately.

  5. You got it Rick!

  6. scott

    Thanku Chris everything you send me is helpful Keep them coming!!!!

  7. Deric

    Really nice to hear things in Charlie’s words. Even he admits to having doubts.

  8. It’s hard not to like Charlie. He’s always in the pocket…