The Explosive Live Drummer Tal Bergman

Tal Bergman brings a whole new explosive sound to Joe Bonamassa’s current band.

Since I’ve been hanging with my good buddy and stellar guitarist Griff Hamlin so much recently, I’ve really been digging Joe Bonamassa and his band. And one of my favorite shows from Joe has been Live at the Beason Theater. It isn’t just because of how cool Joe is, but more importantly who he chose as his drummer in his current lineup. L.A. drummer Tal Bergman has made waves in the session drumming world for his explosive drumming style and it seems he’s holding nothing back while being a part of Joe Bonamassa’s group. So I wanted to share a few videos with you, featuring the killer drummer Tal Bergman. The first video came from a drum solo at Sonor Day back in 1992 then the second video I shared came from the show at the Beacon Theater. Fortunately Drummerworld put together a cool video featuring two of the big drum breaks featuring Tal during the show. I hope you dig the videos as much as I did!

Bob Saydlowski shared this video featuring Tal Bergman at Sonor Day in 1992, and I am very thankful to him since ti features Tal over twenty years ago. Check out this cool drum solo at

One of my favorite concerts, and one that I’ve had on at least once a day in the past few weeks, has been Joe Bonamassa’s Live from the Beacon Theater show. It’s a killer show and thankfully Drummerworld put together this cool video featuring some of the drum breaks from the concert. Check it out now at

I hope you dug the videos as much as I did. Tal’s a great drummer that provides a whole new level of excitement to Joe Bonamassa’s band. There’s more coming your way at Play Drum By Ear, so stay tuned.



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