Technical And Groove Master Drummer Dennis Chambers

Dennis Chambers is a technically proficient and masterful groove drummer.

Dennis Chambers has reigned supreme as one of the most technically proficient and groove drummers in the music industry.  Chambers got his start young with the funk band Parliament Funkadelic and has moved through the ranks as a funk, jazz, Latin and fusion drummer in bands with John McLaughlin, Carlos Santana, John Scofield and George Duke.  With a career like his, there’s no doubt the man can groove on the drums, both “in the pocket” and “out of the pocket.”  I collected a few videos that feature Chambers’ diverse skills on the drums, both solo and with a group.  I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did!

The first video comes from the group Drumstories.  They were granted permission to film an entire performance with Dennis Chambers sitting in with the funk band, Tower of Power.  Chambers puts his own spin on the funky tune, “What is Hip.”  Check it out at

In the next video, Chambers is featured with popular bassist, Victor Wooten.  Let’s play a little game called, “Where’s the one?”  Chambers and Wooten go WAY out of the beat in this fusion solo, but it’s very hip nonetheless.  Enjoy it here at

For the last video, Dennis Chambers plays a solo that will leave you wanting more.  This time it’s just him, no other instruments on stage.  Chambers is known for being a fast drummer, and he definitely proves it in this video.  Check it out at

Dennis Chambers is one of those masterful drummers that play with an insane technical proficiency and masterful groove.  I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did!



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  1. Will

    Man there ain’t nothing like Dennis, he is so fast, I aspire to employ such technical skill and ability into my groovs.