Stick Tricks From Thomas Lang

Thomas Lang shared some of his stick tricks for all of us to enjoy. Photo courtesy of

Thomas Lang has become one of the most renowned studio drummers and instructors in the industry. Lang has appeared on several recording sessions and is a popular among drum competitions, as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell with the video I shared below. For those of you looking for some ideas to increase the “wow” factor of your drumming, Lang provided a masterclass session about some of his common stick tricks. Now, the things he is doing in this video have taken a lot of practice to get down, but he slows some of the tricks down so you can see what he’s really doing and apply the tricks to your own playing. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did!

There’s never a problem with playing around with some stick tricks while you drum. You shouldn’t ever get carried away if you’re hired for a gig, but if you can pull them off without a hitch the crowd will love it. Check out these tricks courtesy of Vic Firth and Thomas Lang at

I hope you enjoyed this short video featuring stick tricks commonly used by professional drummer, Thomas Lang. The tricks are definitely fun to play around with, so see if you can try putting them in some of your beats.



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