Some Of The Most Popular Drum Moments In Music History

There are thousands of drummers worthy of the top moments in drum history. This video highlight just a few.

People love the drums.  So much in fact that there are thousands upon thousands of stellar drummers in the music industry so as you can imagine, it’s difficult to stand out.  There are a series of drummers that have made names for themselves behind the kit and many of them have taken the time to lay down some of their defining moments on video.  I came across a video that showcases several of these defining moments from some of the greatest drummers around the world.  I hope you dig it as much as I did!

There’s a video that collected several of the most popular drumming moments from some of the most talented drummers around the world in a variety of music styles.  Check it out below at

I hope you enjoyed this tribute to some of the greatest drummers in music history.  Of course, there are many more drummers that deserve to be in this video and hopefully they will make it into their own top videos.



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  1. Gail

    Some very cool sounds! If Jacob Arman, ever decided to change genres, i think he would have quite a following.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Great job with the tribute. I really enjoyed the diverse styles and it’s always cool to see guys that I haven’t heard of before. Love the first video of the the “Groove Master” in action. Looks like from the seventies. I’ve seen Neil Peart playing with the Buddy Rich Band. All of these guys are just phenomenal behind the kit. Thanks for putting this together.

    Keepin it Groovin,


  3. Gabriel

    Great tribute.Were is John Boham? Though he may be gone he has definitely made a name for himself behind the kit & by many considerd to be one of the greatest.