Simply Amazing And Legendary Jazz Drummer Jack Dejohnette

Jack Dejohnette is considered to be a jazz drumming legend. Photo courtesy of

Jack Dejohnette has been a part of countless jazz records in the last few decades, playing with some of the heaviest jazz cats in the industry, and still continues to play, perform and produce new concepts of jazz today.  Recently, Dejohnette has joined bassist Stanley Clarke and pianist Chick Corea for a special tour.  I found a performance review from the San Fransisco Weekly online blogs section that highlights a wonderful performance from the trio at the famous jazz club, Yoshi’s.  This review inspired me to find some more great videos featuring legendary jazz drummer Jack Dejohnette that I think you’ll really enjoy.  Open your minds to the unique approach Dejohnette brings to jazz drumming and enjoy!

One of the most famous groups in jazz music history was the Miles Davis Quintet.  Jack Dejohnette spent some time as the drummer for the group and can be seen in this wonderful live video performance at

While Jack Dejohnette typically played with a bigger drum kit, he can be seen here performing a drum solo on a 4 piece kit at

Lastly, I thought it would be cool to share the same review that inspired me to write this post in the first place.  Ian S. Port of the San Fransisco Weekly wrote a wonderful review about a recent Jack Dejohnette Trio performance at Yoshi’s in San Fransisco.  Check it out at

Better than: The drum solo in Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick,” and probably any drum solo in any rock song, ever.

One expects great things from the live performance of a trio led by someone like Jack DeJohnette, a drum luminary who’s played with Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and too many other jazz titans to name. But there was a moment onstage at Yoshi’s last night when DeJohnette — who’s celebrating his 70th birthday with this tour — fell into a magical section with bassist Stanley Clarke that blew up even our vague expectations.

I hope you enjoyed this small feature of the legendary jazz drummer, Jack Dejohnette.  He continues to produce music with his friends, which happen to include some of the most famous players in jazz.  Take a deeper look at one of the best drummers in jazz music.



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