Playing The Drums On The David Letterman Show With Anton Fig

Anton Fig has had the Late Night Show with David Letterman gig for the last 20+ years.

One of the premier gigs for drummers, and for any musician for that matter, is the Late Night Show. David Letterman has one of the longest running shows on the air, and Anton Fig was chosen to be the house drummer for the last 20+ years. I figured it would be fun to check out what Anton has been up to in his music career, from the Letterman Show to playing on tour with Joe Bonamassa. Anton produced a DVD about playing the drums called “In The Groove,” which has some great advice for all drummers, he also recorded a couple of demo videos for Remo Percussion and Zildjian Cymbals, and I found a killer video from the Late Night show featuring a crazy drum solo from Anton. There’s gonna be a lot in this post, so scroll down and check it all out!

Anton Fig produced an instructional DVD all about playing in the groove behind the kit. He’s joined by some of his band mates from the Late Night Show with David Letterman and provides some great insight for all drummers. Check out this short preview from the DVD at

Anton happens to be a big fan of Remo drum heads, so check out what he uses on his kit at

Then he also was interviewed about the cymbals he uses which are mostly from Zildjian. Hear what he has to say about them at–DZ0Q.

Finally what’s the use of all these videos if you can’t see Anton Fig in action behind the kit. Check out this cool drum solo at

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Anton Fig. He’s a great drummer to look up to since there’s something to say about a drummer that has held the Late Night show gig for as long as he has. There’s more coming your way, so stay tuned.



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