Phil Ehart, Drummer For The 1970s Progressive Rock Band, Kansas

Phil Ehart, drummer for the 1970s progressive rock band Kansas, has influenced generations of drummers in the music industry. Photo courtesy of

Today’s post is inspired by Joe Loes, a Play Drums By Ear blog reader,  who made a comment on my Steve Gadd post about his favorite drummer, Phil Ehart.  His simple comment reminded me about Phil, who was and still is the drummer for the 1970s progressive rock band, Kansas.  Phil has influenced generations of rock drummers years after his debut with Kansas in 1970.  While I couldn’t find much information about what inspired Phil to play the drums, I found some great video performances from Kansas that I think you’ll definitely enjoy.  So sit back, crank the speakers, and rock out with Phil Ehart and Kansas!

Since this post is about Phil Ehart, I better start off with a drum solo.  Check out this live drum solo and performance of the song, “Portrait (He Knew),” at

The biggest hit song that Kansas produced had to be their hit, “Carry On Wayward Son.”  Check out this performance from 1976 at

Since we just listened to the biggest hit song from Kansas, why not see one of the great music videos from the 1970s.  Kansas performs their song, “Point of Know Return,” which is one of two songs co-written by Phil Ehart at

The second song co-written by Phil Ehart was the Kansas song, “Play The Game Tonight.”  Check out a live performance from Kansas in 1982 at

I’m still going to try looking for information regarding Phil Ehart’s upbringing and how he got started on the drums.  From a few interviews I have seen, he seems to have drawn upon some British rock music influences and learns much from the instrumentalists that are playing around him.  I hope you enjoyed this quick glimpse into the great drummer, Phil Ehart of the 1970s progressive rock band, Kansas.



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  1. jeff

    great stuff,love it

  2. Gary Minadeo

    I’d like to see some stuff on 60’s L.A. studio ace John Guerin, especially during the Howard Roberts ” Spinning Wheel” period . Thanks for your good work.

  3. Erin

    Just saw you on the Legends of Rock cruise…..Two fantastic shows. I was very disappointed that you didn’t come to the front of the stage or participate in the Q & A. I went on that cruise JUST to see you! Very glad that David and Richard were so friendly. I understand you wanting your privacy, but really…. I hope you allow your fans more access next time. Even a smile for the group photo would have been nice. You didn’t look happy to be there. I hope you’re doing well and I have the pleasure of seeing you next year.

  4. Hello Erin, this is Chris at Play Drums By Ear. I’m so sorry to hear you were disappointed of Phil Ehart at the Legends of Rock cruise. It’s never fun when a musician looks like he or she doesn’t want to be on stage. I did want to let you know that Phil didn’t actually write this article, it was me sharing some of his videos with you. If you would like to make sure this reaches his ears, I recommend trying to find a contact number or email for him. Again, I’m sorry to hear about your experience and hope he’s a little bit more lively when you see him next year!

  5. christopher daniel

    one of the greatest pure drummers of all time!