Merry Christmas From Buddy Rich And Jerry Lewis

Enjoy a funny drum battle between Buddy Rich and Jerry Lewis. Photo courtesy of

I want to leave you with a great video clip of Buddy Rich and Jerry Lewis for the holiday season.  I searched all over the place for some holiday themed drum lessons or videos, but couldn’t come up with much that I wanted to share.  So, I decided to post a drum battle that is sure to entertain.  And what could be better than one of the world’s greatest drummers taking the stage with one of the world’s best comedic entertainers.  I hope you enjoy this video and have a very Merry Christmas and holiday season.

Check out this hilarious video of master drummer, Buddy Rich, taking on one of the kings of entertainment, Jerry Lewis.  Find it here at

I hope you and yours have a very happy holiday season and stay tuned for more drums coming your way!



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  1. Gail Stringer

    That Christmas tree sure looks nice… Buddy Rich obviously knows what he’s doing. Gerry Lewis, always enjoyed his humor (he is fuuuunny). Gerry can bang on the drums to.