Master Drummer Steve Gadd On Rudiments And Groove

Drummer Steve Gadd from

It took me some time to appreciate the genius of Steve Gadd’s drumming.  When I started out on the drums, I was into flashy drumming.  It wasn’t until I realized that flashy drumming doesn’t pay the bills and most bands aren’t looking for those drummers, that I got into Steve Gadd.  Gadd has a deep groove, always plays in the pocket, and uses rudiments all over the set.  There are many lessons to learn from Gadd, especially about playing and how to be a successful drummer in the music industry.  I found a few YouTube videos that shows some of Gadd’s musical background, a rudiment lesson, and a feature of him playing a heavy groove.  Enjoy!

The first video I found features some of Gadd’s musical past.  See it here at

One of the drum rudiments that Steve Gadd is known to use is the paradiddle.  This next video features a paradiddle groove from Gadd.  It’s a tough lesson to learn, but will definitely pay off.  Check it out now at

You’ll hear a lot about playing “In the pocket” from me and other professional drummers.  Gadd is a master at playing drums in the pocket.  See this video of a Gadd pocket groove at

All of the videos you have seen in this post so far feature Steve Gadd teaching and playing alone.  There are also a lot of videos out there of him playing with bands as well.  These videos are the best way to observe the master groove and feel of Steve Gadd.  I found a video of him playing in 1976 that features a great drum solo.  Check it out now at

Steve Gadd is just one of the great drummers that has built a successful career in the music industry.  Check back in at for more posts soon.



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  1. Gail

    Even with the most minimal, simplistic sound: opening hi hat, then closing and hitting with stick, has a cool funky sound. It sounds cool and would be great to be able to do that (I know there’s a degree of difficulty).



  3. Cal Talbot

    Steve Gadd and Carmine Appice were the first two drum instructional videos that I bought when I first started to take drumming seriously and decided that, that was what I was going to make my living doing, playing drums in a band; or as many bands as I could possibly play in at the same time. Sometimes when I started playing professionally, I was playing with 4 or 5 bands all at the same time. I was very busy to say the least. But if it were not for Steve and Carmine I really don’t know where I’d be now. I have always loved the both of them and their styles of playing. Totally awesome, the both of them. Later I started getting other instructional videos by Dave Weckyl, Buddy Rich, Louis Bellson, Steve Smith, Jim Chapin and others, but I really love Steve’s feel and touch on the drum kit.

  4. Roy

    Very solid drummer! Awesome!

  5. Joe Loes

    Cool stuff. My favorite drummer was Phil Ehart from Kansas. Wish I knew how he learned to play so well.

  6. Brian H. Littleton

    Thanks for the inspiration. Brian
    Makes practicing more intuitive

  7. Gerry

    Thanks Chris those vids were great!

  8. @Gerry: You got it Gerry! Glad you enjoyed them… talk to you soon!

  9. I have always been a Morello and Rich fan, but this man Gadd is really something !

  10. mike stebela

    great player=======hope you post more gadd videos

  11. Barry Kastenbaum

    Steve just kills me. Anybody who is a drummer needs to get into Steve. If you don’t your missing out………..Some of my other favorites are Dave Weckl, Will Kennedy, Tommy Igoe, Vinnie C,
    Steve Smith, Zoro the drummer, ect……………………