Joey Kramer: Hard Hitting And Rock “Feel” Drummer For Aerosmith

Joey Kramer has built a very successful music career for himself as the drummer for Aerosmith. Photo courtesy of

Joey Kramer, long time drummer for the hit rock band Aerosmith, has built his entire style on the “feel.” I collected an interview with Joey where he talks a little bit about what it means to be a “feel” drummer, and as he explains it, he puts his whole body and mind into what he plays. This, as you can imagine, makes for a pretty lively performance from the all star drummer. And I happened upon a live drum solo from Joey that wraps up his entire playing style and entertaining show into one video. I shared the drum solo and a great interview about Joey’s history with the band and how they have seemed to survive together. I hope you dig the two videos as much as I did!

Joey Kramer is a live wire on stage and it’s fun to watch him play. Check out this live drum solo from a concert in 1988 at

Joey was interviewed on Backstage by Sarah Zapp. In this interview, Joey talks about his history with the band, his playing style, and a few of the reasons the band has lasted as long as it has. Check it out at

I hope you enjoyed watching these videos from Joey Kramer. He’s made a very successful music career for himself as the drummer for Aerosmith and has shared some great advice on what it takes to be a part of a band that big. There’s more coming your way at Play Drums By Ear so stay tuned.




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