Internationally Renowned Drummer, Akira Jimbo

Akira Jimbo’s drum set is nearly as impressive as his drumming chops. Photo courtesy of

I thought it would be fun to go international in this next blog post.  And not only am I going international, I’m moving about as far away as I can be from the “money beat.”  Akira Jimbo has gained worldwide recognition for his insane drumming skills so I want to feature him at Play Drums By Ear.  I first got into Akira when he released a drum video called Pulse, and have been a fan ever since.  I found one of the segments from Pulse that I think you’ll really dig, plus I came across a performance video that features Akira on drums with Jack Thammerat on guitar and Pap Infinity on bass.  The group performs some stellar versions of Led Boots by Jeff Beck and Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin.  See it all now and enjoy!

This first video features a segment from the Akira Jimbo drumming DVD, Pulse.  Check out Wishing Well at

Next, Akira is joined by Jack Thammarat and Pap Infinity fro some pretty stellar rock songs.  Check it out at

I hope you enjoyed checking out Akria Jimbo on the drums.  The man is a monster on his instrument.  There’s more coming your way at Play Drums By Ear.



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  1. Gerry

    Yes, he definitely a monster on his instrument. I’m going to seek out more of him. Thanks.