In The Studio With Jeff Porcaro

Jeff Porcaro is a great example of a successful drummer in the music business. He plays straight ahead and in the pocket, and is one of the most recorded drummers in rock music. Photo courtesy of

You may have noticed in my “top ten” drum beat article that Rosanna was number one.  Jeff Porcaro was a session drummer that knew how to play a great money beat.  When I started to gravitate more towards laying down simple grooves, instead of being a busy drummer, I really got into Porcaro’s playing.  Unfortunately, Porcaro passed away in 1992, but we can remember his music with videos and interviews.  I collected a series of video performances, behind-the-scenes session drumming, and interviews of Jeff Porcaro that I think you will enjoy.  Take a look below.

I’d like to start off with a video demonstration of Porcaro explaining my favorite drum beat, the Rosanna shuffle.  Porcaro demonstrates the video personally in a master session recorded during his career.  Check it out at

Next, Porcaro teaches about 16th note beats on the drums.  Specifically how to move around the bass drum pattern to create new grooves.  Find the video lesson here at

Porcaro in one of the most recorded drummers in the history of rock music.  His session work is impeccable and you’ll notice in this next video that he uses the money beat often.  He understands his responsibility of holding down the foundation well.  Check out Porcaro at work in this next session video at

I figure it’s probably time to see Toto in action.  The video quality in this next piece isn’t the best, but it’s a cool live arrangement of the song, “Hold the Line.”  Check it out here at

Lastly, I found a video interview with Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukather and the rest of the guys from Toto in Holland.  It’s cool to see and hear Porcaro talking about his experiences with Toto over the years.  Find it here at

I’ll leave you with a short video of Jeff and Mike Porcaro playing a cool session groove with David Garfield on keyboards.  Notice again that Porcaro has a deep pocket and groove while playing a straight ahead money beat.  Enjoy it here at

So there it is, a cool introduction to the groovy drummer, Jeff Porcaro.  He’s a prime example of how to get work as a straight ahead money beat drummer.  I hope you enjoyed the post and make sure to check back in for more soon.



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  1. Gerry

    Now that was GREAT!

  2. jeff

    thats very cool thanks

  3. You got that right – he’s a money beat drummer to the max. It doesn’t get any better than that.