Genesis Drummer And Successful Solo Artist, Phil Collins

Phil Collins is one of the most successful drummers, musicians and songwriters in music history. Photo courtesy of

Phil Collins is one of the most successful drummers in music history.  Collins began as a drummer and vocalist for the popular band, Genesis, and pursued a career as a solo artist at the same time.  From the two ventures, Phil Collins has sold millions of albums worldwide, gaining him status as an instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter.  Fortunately, with all the fame Collins has had as a songwriter and vocalist, he has also stayed true as a drummer.  Even in his farewell tour in the early 2000s, he was behind the drum kit playing drum solos along with the very talented drummer, Chester Thompson.  I found two drum solo videos that I think you’ll enjoy, along with a recent interview on Q TV where Phil Collins talks about his Motown cover album and music career.  I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did!

The first video comes from a Phil Collins performance in 1990 of the song, The West Side.”  Collins is featured in a great drum solo at

The second video is an interview with Phil Collins on Q TV.  Collins goes on the show late in his career and talks about his Motown covers album, “Going Back,” along with some of his experiences in the music industry.  Check it out at

The last video features Phil Collins along with his friend and drummer, Chester Thompson.  Collins and Thompson have been known to perform drum solos together as part of their live act, and thankfully this one is available to us all.  The drummers work together seamlessly at

These are just a few of the videos available from Phil Collins.  Collins has had a long and very successful music career, creating fans of his music all around the world.  I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did!



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  1. Joe Loes

    Again,another great video. Chester Thompson rings a bell. Did he play for Zappa? Steely Dan?



  2. Hey Joe, thanks. Chester played with Zappa, Santana, Weather Report for an album, among others, and his longest gig has been with Phil Collins and Genesis. Chris