Buddy Rich’s Left Hand Technique

Buddy Rich is still highly regarded as one of the most talented drummers in music history. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

There’s been quite a bit of speculation regarding the technique that Buddy Rich used for his left hand. Buddy had some of the fastest hands in the drumming world then, and most still consider him to be one of the fastest in music history. MetroDrum lessons produced a great video lesson featuring an example of Buddy’s technique for all of us to share, and I think you’ll find it very informative if you’re interested in that technique. Now none of us can say if this is the exact technique that he used, but the instructor in the video has seen Buddy play many times and has figured that this is one of the ways he was so fast. Regardless, the lesson in the video is a great technique to learn for your own playing and is a pretty cool trick too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Buddy Rich is still considered to be one of the best and fastest drummers in music history. His hand technique has been the topic of many drumming conversations including many drum lessons as well. MetroDrum lessons shared a great video featuring a Buddy Rich technique at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0jLlUAXSA0.

I hope you enjoyed the video lesson as much as I did. It’s definitely an advanced technique to master, but one that will have a huge pay off. Keep on practicing and before you know it, you’ll be playing like Buddy Rich!



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  1. Tommy Ruskin

    Thanks for your unselfish instruction . I am a jazz drummer in the Kansas City area . I saw Buddy in 1960 when I was 18 . I ask him if he used the finger system ? He said “No. What do you have wrists for ?” Now a days, so many guys have figured out that fast double or shuffle with one hand or both hands together , I’ve tried it in the past , but haven’t gotten it fast . Tommy Ruskin

  2. Sùper video!
    Very functional!
    Gracias de nuevo!
    Grettings from Switzerland!