Advanced Drumming Techniques With Jim Chapin

Jim Chapin wrote some of the most influential advanced drumming books out there.

One of the leading drumming educators in the last century has been Jim Chapin. A highly regarded drummer in his own right, Jim also produced a few advanced drumming technique books that are known among the best drummers around the world. Fortunately, Jim has shared a few of his video tutorials online for all of us to share, and there are some drummers who have filmed themselves playing some of the exercises to share. All this means that we can enjoy some of Jim’s lessons without having get the whole product up front. If you’re serious about drumming though, especially jazz drumming, then Jim’s books and video lessons can work wonders for your chops. I hope you enjoy getting into the heart of some of his advanced video lessons as much as I did!

Jim Chapin was known for teaching the moeller technique. It’s an advanced grip and style of playing the drums that many of the classic big band drummers used. Check out this short lesson on the moeller technique from Jim at

There’s a drummer out there, on YouTube his username is hipskind, that was generous enough to produce a video of him playing some of the exercises from one of Chapin’s books. This stuff is very complex, so if you think you’re ready try taking a swing at it at

Lastly, I came across this great footage from the Merv Griffin Show in 1965 featuring Jim Chapin on the drums with his three sons on guitars and vocals. I enjoyed watching this blast from the past and home you will too at

I hope you enjoyed all this informative and classic footage from Jim Chapin. There’s more coming your way at Play Drums By Ear, so stay tuned.



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