Vic Firth Presents Pro Drummer Roundtable Session

Vic Firth shared a roundtable session with several notable Nashville session drummers.

Vic Firth collected several successful drummers that have all been very active in the Nashville music scene for a roundtable session.  These drummers come from very different backgrounds and have much to offer drummers interested in breaking into the music scene and learning what needs to be done to prepare for life as a session drummer.  There’s a lot of great information in these three videos, but there are several more available from the same session so please take the time to look into more of them if you’re interested in more great advice.  I hope you find the session insightful!

The first video moves around the room and introduces each drummer, their background, and the projects they are currently involved in.  Meet the guys at

The second video features the topic: how to break into the music scene.  These guys all talk about Nashville specifically, but the information can be applied to any music scene.  Check it out at

Lastly, the guys talk about preparing for session work or live work on the road.  There are a lot of great things to tune into in this video, so check it out at

I hope you enjoyed the videos and found them insightful.  There were a lot of great topics discussed in these videos and plenty of information to latch onto if you are interested in a career as a drummer.  There’s more coming your way from Play Drums By Ear so stay tuned!



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