Recording Yourself For Practice With Steve Smith

Recording yourself playing the drums is a very important step to being a better drummer.

I recently came across a video produced by Steve Smith, famed drummer for the hit band Journey and jazz drummer aficionado, endorsing a product called the Samsung Zomm Q3 Handy Video Recorder. Now, whether or not you look into that specific product is irrelevant, but the point I would like to make is just how beneficial it is to record yourself when you play the drums. What you think is cool might not actually be cool at all, so it’s good to see it again for sure. And with technology today, there are handheld recorders that will achieve this with relative ease.I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did!

Check out this video from Steve Smith where he shows sample clips of some of his own practice routines at

I hope you enjoyed these practice routines from the all star drummer, Steve Smith. He’s doing a lot of advanced stuff in these clips, but the most important take-away from the video is recording your practice sessions so you can get better on the drums.

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